Who We Are

Newspread is published by NT News Limited

And is here with the sole aim of curating and compiling news worth spreading
This exciting and cutting edge media house is powered by a potent combination of riveting, powerful stories, underpinned by our veteran journalists and expert technologists, and the dynamic and irreverent style that will say what needs to be said.

Our team is comprised of passionate and committed professionals all over the world, who are dedicated to our quest of providing, plain speaking, high quality, honestly delivered news about Nigerians both home and abroad.

Brand Values


our word is our bond, accuracy is important, and at our heart, we believe that light is the best disinfectant, and the truth in the interest of the public should be shared


the truth matters. More than convenience. More than popularity – and yet it doesn’t have to hurt, and we will not use it as a weapon, but as a mirror to reflect the very best of what we can be

Timely Accurate Information

in this fast paced world, Newspread will lead the charge with powerful and insightful news and is committed to use our platform for good of our nation and it’s citizens.