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15 fuel scoopers killed in explosion in Ondo | Video

Disaster struck Ore, Odigbo local government of Ondo state on Sunday night when a tanker explosion and killed numerous people.

According to evidence gathered, around the time of the incident, neighbours went to the disaster site to salvage petrol from a vehicle.

According to eyewitness accounts, a purported spark from a cell phone that one of the individuals scooping the fuel was holding caused the gasoline that had spilled onto the road to catch fire.

The incident took place next to a neighbourhood filling station, on Showboy Road.

According to John, an okada rider who was nearby and gave a terrifying account of the disaster, more than 15 individuals perished in the fire.

As soon as the truck crashed, people flocked to the location to obtain fuel; however, the truck exploded during this operation.

He mentioned that around 15 bodies had been discovered, including a pregnant mother who wanted to buy petrol and three children.

The victims were identified as fuel scoopers by the state’s police spokesperson, Fumilayo Odunlami-Omisanya, who verified the incident.

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