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Chef Dammy speaks on plans to begin 150 hours cook-a-thon | Video

Popular chef based in Ekiti state Damilola Adeparusi, better known as Chef Dammy has put out a statement disclosing her ambition to oust Hilda Baci as the current record holder for the longest hours spent cooking by a single person.

In an interview with reporters on Friday in Ado-Ekiti, Chef Dammy claimed that the 120-hour cookout was not officially recorded by the Guinness World Records (GWR).

However, she claimed that after finishing the 120-hour cook-a-Thon, she is prepared to submit an application for the Guinness Book of Record.

Reports reveal that she intends to participate in the forthcoming new challenge, which will involve cooking for 150 hours.

She said in her statement that many people, both online and offline, are wondering what she will do after the 120-hour cook-a-thon as she is now well-known and gaining attention.

She said now everyone is aware of her abilities, they need to allow her the opportunity to experiment with different methods and abilities, noting that for the forthcoming 150-hour cook-a-thon challenge, she and her team have decided to follow due process.

Also acknowledging the support she got from fans and well-wishers, she added that she is willing to learn and open to trying new things in life and experiencing new things.

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