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Experts speak on reasons for devastating Abuja Trademore Estate flood

Due to continuous heavy downpours in the past few months, a number of communities have witnessed floods in their areas.

However, the cause of the flood, particularly, at the Trademore Estate in Abuja has been identified by the Nigerian Institution of Surveyors (NIS).

This information was provided to journalists by the NIS President, Surv. Ibitoye Olomolatan, on Monday during a press conference on the results of this year’s annual general meeting of NIS, which took place last week in Abuja.

According to reports, the flooding at Trademore Estate caused many structures to collapse on Friday.

In response to the damage in Trademore Estate Abuja, the president of the institution believed that putting the structure on top of the water should not have been permitted by the government.

Olomolatan noted that the likelihood of flooding depends on the geography where homes are built. He said when there is low terrain next to a drainage or a channel, water tends to pool there after a strong downpour, it causes damage to any neighbouring structures.

He added that because of this, surveyors gathered at their most recent AGM to provide answers, and they found that Nigeria must take the initiative to address its flooding issues. The building should not be located where there is low ground or where the elevation is at the same level as the drainage system since flooding is inevitable if they are almost at the same level. A flood-prone area can only be identified by surveyors.

To avoid the Trademore experience, Omololatan, advised Nigerians to always conduct thorough research before buying houses in specific locations.

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