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Friends mourn man stabbed to death by girlfriend in matrimonial home

Friends have taken to social media to mourn the passing of one Isreal Ayinde, who was stabbed to death by his girlfriend, in his matrimonial home located at Itori, Ewekoro area of Ogun state.

It was gathered that the deceased, who is a father of one, had invited his girlfriend simply identified as Alice, to his matrimonial home so they could have fun as his wife, who was away, was not expected to return home within that period.

A source who spoke on condition of anonymity said Ayinde had on Tuesday, taken his wife and three-months-old daughter to his family house to celebrate the Ileya festive break with his family.

The deceased then returned to his matrimonial home and invited his girlfriend, so they can spend time and have fun.

However, their plans to have fun turned sour, as they soon got into a heated argument, not long after he arrived home.

The argument developed into a fight, and during the course of the fight, the girlfriend picked up a knife and stabbed her lover on the neck, leaving him in a pool of blood.

The source said the violent noise coming from the house was what drew their attention and when they found their way into the house, they met Ayinde lying almost lifeless in a pool of his own blood.

He said Ayinde was rushed to two hospitals, which rejected him before he gave up the ghost while Alice was arrested and handed over to the Police.

The Ogun State Police has confirmed the incident and arrest of the suspect, who they said is in their custody at Ifo police station since Tuesday.

Adesanmi Micheal Oluwatosin, a friend of the deceased on Wednesday wrote:
“Israel Ayinde, so sad to hear your death this morning. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

“God will give your family, friends and all the youth of Olomu road the grace to bear the irreplaceable loss.”

Hormahumee Adejoke wrote:

“Ayinde, you no do well at all oooooooo. You are too young to die like that. That lady shall know no peace in Jesus name.”

Khalled Adeoye Temitope wrote:

“So sad 😭😭😭😭😭… Rip to my friend like blood….so painful rest in perfect peace… Ayinde Israel.”

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