You are currently viewing Gospel musician Funke Glorious apologises for calling colleague Alaseyori a thief

Gospel musician Funke Glorious apologises for calling colleague Alaseyori a thief

Gospel musician, known popularly as Funke Glorious has apologised to her colleague Adeyinka Alaseyori, for calling her a thief.

An angry Funke, had on Wednesday, in a viral video claimed to be the owner of a song titled “Jesu ti Nazareth” sang by Adeyinka.

According to Funke, she sang the song “Jesu ti Nazareth” way back 2017 but because it was not so popular, her colleague Adeyinka stole her intellectual property, the song, and released it as her work.

While calling on Adeyinka’s associates to warn her, Funke said her silence isn’t stupidity as the accused is known to steal her colleagues’ intellectual properties and feign innocence.

Part of Funke statement reads: “Anybody who knows her (Adeyinka) should warn her. When you do something bad, you wouldn’t talk about it, you would keep quiet.

“What rubbish is that in this industry? You did it the first, second, and now the third. Did they swear for you?

“If I choose to keep quiet, it isn’t because I am stupid. I have copyright of my songs”.

Adeyinka did not react publicly to the accusations but in a twist of event, Funke came out, and in another video on Friday, apologised to Adeyinka, whom she referred to as a sister.

Funke said the apology became necessary as her spiritual parents, siblings and fans registered their love for her and her ministry, by expressing their displeasure online and offline, over her initial outburst.

She explained she was deeply sorry and allowed her emotions take over her, hence, losing control of her tongue and uttering words that don’t portray her or her ministry in good light.

She clarified that her outburst was not out off envy, neither is she seeking her colleague down fall, as insinuated by some people but blamed human factor, which according to her, is part of our life.

Apologising to Adeyinka, she said:

“Minister Adeyinka Alaseyori is like a sister to me, I have always been a supporting and a die hard fan before this misunderstanding surfaced.”

Addressing journalists, she said:

“However, it’s apparent that bloggers would not allow the allow the dust to settle calmly because I allowed them leverage on my online misbehaviour.

“I beseech you to let whatever happen slide and allow peace reign.”

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