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Lagos starts offering therapy to domestic abusers

The Lagos State Government’s Agency for Domestic and Sexual VIolence, has started offering support and therapy groups for those who abuse their partners.

This information was disclosed on Thursday in a statement by Titilola Vivour-Adeniyi, the agency’s executive secretary.

She claimed that the project adhered to the pledge made by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to address sexual and gender-based violence in the state in a comprehensive manner.

She noted that the alarming rise in domestic violence cases has made it necessary to tackle the issue.

The core reasons of domestic violence will be addressed in the support and healing group sessions for abusers. The programme will assist in pointing out and tackling the root causes of offenders’ violent behaviour because, according to research, domestic violence cases often result from fundamental issues like unresolved trauma, issues related to anger management, and drug abuse or learned patterns of violence.

The executive secretary added that without psychological assistance, the act can spiral out of control and the violent behaviour of the perpetrators may continue in their personal relationships or be passed down to younger generations.

In order to break the cycle of violence, offenders can gain an understanding of these elements through strategic intervention, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and attend support and healing group sessions.

Speaking on the benefits of this programme, the director of the agency also revealed that the organised intervention sessions will give offenders new perspectives on effective coping strategies, conflict-resolution techniques, and beneficial relationship patterns.

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