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Man goes blind in weird attempt to break world record for longest ‘cry-a-thon’

Tembu Ebere, a Nigerian man on the quest to break the world record for longest days crying, has affirmed that while trying to cry continuously for seven days to break the record, he suffered from partial blindness.

There has been a national obsession with endurance feats after chef Hilda Baci officially set a new record for the longest hours spent cooking by an individual in May with a cooking time of 93 hours and 11 minutes.

Ebere, who has been crying nonstop for seven days, claimed to have gone blind partially for about 45 minutes and suffered from migraines, puffy eyes, and a bloated face.

Speaking to BBC, Ebere said he had to adjust his plan and stop weeping, but he insisted that he was still going to cry for a week as planned in spite of the setbacks.

Following Baci’s cook-a-thon, which garnered media attention, Guinness World Records noted that there has been an increase in Nigerian record-breaking efforts over the last two months.

However, in a bid to address the surge, Guinness World Records recently issued a warning, via their official twitter account, saying, “Please enough of the record-a-thons,” after it was claimed that someone had proposed not one, but two distinct efforts, a “idea-a-thon” and a “puff-puff-a-thon.”

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