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NLC declares nationwide protests will hold despite suspension rumours

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) implored Nigerians, on Tuesday night, to disregard recent reports that their next nationwide strike may be postponed and reiterated that the action was set to begin on Wednesday.

The Congress announced in a terse statement signed by its national president, Joe Ajaero, that the protests would take place as planned in the country’s major cities. They are protesting hardship occasioned by government’s removal of petrol subsidy.

Emmanuel Ugboaja, the Secretary-General of the NLC, had earlier suggested that the Congress might change its mind over the intended strike action during a press briefing with journalists at the State House. Following Ugboaja’s remarks, there were several debates, and rumours of a potential suspension spread throughout the nation.

The terse statement that was published on the NLC’s official Twitter account, @NLCheadquarters said, “Ignore fake rumours, NLC is never divided. We are one united and strong labour centre. The protest rally will be held Tomorrow (Wednesday) nationwide.”

“We are a single, powerful labour centre. Tomorrow (Wednesday), protest marches will be staged all around the country.”

Ajaero had earlier said in an interview that the NLC had no justification for postponing its planned strike.

Ajaero pointed out that there is no justification for cancelling the scheduled protest. The general public will be informed if it is suspended or cancelled. He added that there is also a tremendous amount of mobilisation.

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