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Pastor Ibiyeomie faces backlash over condemnation of white garment churches

Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the founder/presiding pastor of Salvation Ministries with its headquarters located in Port Harcourt, Rivers State has been receiving backlash over his utterances condemning white garment churches and their mode of worship.

The Pastor had said he hates white garment churches and gave reasons why he hate them while preaching on Sunday.

Ibiyeomie was quoted to have said:

“Do you know why I hate white garment churches, people don’t know why I hate them. If you know what they do you will never like them.

“They can take your own surname and put it in a bottle of gin and make incantations. As they are doing that that’s how the boy will be drinking.

“Ask these ‘Cele’ prophets, they will take someone’s name and put inside Kai Kai (local gin) and then read all those demonic psalms and the boy will look at them and say ‘Give me a bottle of schnapp’. The boy was not drinking before.”

The recording which has now gone viral has gathered reactions from netizens with most, expressing displeasure with the pastor’s utterances.

Emma Kulture wrote: “Let everyone believe in what he or she believes and does… It’s not of any man to judge another.

“Let everyone exercise his or her faith according to how it pleases them…
Its not of you duty to condemn nor hate another Sir!”

Chuka Mbah wrote: “Both of you are same.”

Didi Uno wrote: “Everyone should be allowed to worship God, anyhow, anywhere they deem right, that’s the way to peace.”

Heemah Mcnight wrote: “Criticism in the Christendom. Heavenly Father save us.”

Sunny Tee Faramaye while calling on the Celestial Church to take action against Ibiyeomie wrote: “Celestial church should take a bold action on him so others can learn.”

Chidi Maurice Okonkwo wrote: “I’m not a white garment member but I think it’s wrong of u to put all the vices in your own church aside and begin to castigate another”.

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