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Police detain skit maker, say heinous prank violates Child Protection Act

Abdullahi Maruf Adisa, popularly known as Trinity Guy, has fulfilled an invitation for him to report to the Oyo State Police Command on Friday.

The Police said that Trinity was at the command on Friday with his lawyer. Reports say, he will spend the weekend at the station pending his application for bail after he is taken to court next week.

Newspread on Thursday reported that Trinity was invited over by the Police for his crazy pranks.

According to the spokesperson for the command SP Osifeso Adewale, the invitation was related to the horrific online skit about a female minor that has now gone viral on social media.

A statement released by Police on Friday via the command’s Twitter account disclosed that initial investigations showed that the obscene video breached sections 32, 35, and 36 of the Child Rights Act of 2023.

A young girl was coerced to give a terrible description of a male genitals in the viral skit, which confirms explicit sexual exploitation of the minor.

The police said that the skit maker allegedly revealed disturbing details about the involvement of the minor’s parents before, during, and after the production.

Trinity is accused of emphasising in the statement that he asked both parents for permission before putting up the skit online.

According to the police, at the State Criminal Investigation Department’s (SCID) Gender and Juvenile-Related Offences Desk, the girl’s parents, Isiaka Ahmed and his wife, Rofiat, as well as Trinity were questioned by police.

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