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UK lawmaker condemns ban on international students’ families

The new immigration policy prohibiting Nigerian and other international students from bringing members of their family as dependents on the student visa, except under certain circumstances, has been criticised by Carol Monaghan, a member of the UK Parliament.

The concerned lawmaker, Monaghan, at the parliament on Wednesday noted that international students made a significant impact on the country.

“International students make an invaluable contribution to our economy,” she said.

She said that according to the Higher Education Policy Institute, last year, the international students added £43 billion to their economy; and alone in her constituency, in Glasgow, there was an economic benefit of 83 million pounds.

In a now viral video, the Scottish parliament member added that many international students who study in the UK look beyond their studies and simply want their family to share in their experience.

She issued a warning that overseas students would leave if they were prohibited from bringing their families, which would have an adverse financial impact on universities already struggling financially.

“The reality is that many students who come into the UK look beyond their studies and want their families to be part of their experience.

“Withholding overseas students from bringing their families, many will opt to go elsewhere and any drop in international students’ numbers will cause further harm to universities that are already facing financial difficulties.”

Manoghan noted that “international students have been caught in the crossfire” of the policy that the UK government has made in a bid to improve the country.

She said that the contributions of the international students to universities and societies in Scotland are celebrated, adding that Scotland will suffer the consequences of the misjudged policy.

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