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Why Sweden declared sex as sport | To host championship from Wednesday

Sweden, an European country has decide to see sex as a form of sport Thus, it became the first country in the world to officially register sex as a sport and will also host the first-ever European Sex Championship in Gothenburg on June 8.

The championship which will take place under the guidance of the Swedish Sex Federation, will go on for six weeks with participants engaging in sexual activities under 16 disciplines, including seduction, oral sex, penetration, and more.

The European Sex Championship will begin on June 8 and will go on for six weeks where participants will engage in sexual activities from 45 minutes to 1 hour each day with their matches and/or activities. The duration will vary depending on the match, however, some reports said that the competitions can go on for as long as six hours a day.

The championship is set to witness the participation of 20 people from different countries, as per initial registrations. While the winners will be decided by a panel of three judges as well as audience ratings.

As per reports, participants will also be judged across 16 disciplines that will include oral sex, seduction, penetration, endurance, number of orgasms, knowledge about sex, chemistry and communication between the couple, appearance, and so on. In line with these aspects, participants can score between five and 10 points.

The participants are expected to be well-versed in the Sanskrit scripture on sex and eroticism, Kamasutra and will be given extra points for its application in as many of its disciplines in their challenges.

So far, the organisers have also encouraged homosexuals and people of different sexual orientations to participate; but stressed the potential strategic value of sexual orientation during the competition and hope that other European countries will adopt the same in the future.

“The incorporation of sexual orientation as a part of sporting tactics will be a groundbreaking development among European countries,” said the organisers.

Dragan Bratych, the chairman of the Swedish Federation of Sex, has also said that recognition of sex as a sport was inevitable, according to Times of India, and highlighted the potential for physical and mental well-being through sexual activity and the importance of training for it.

“Just like any other sport, achieving desired results in sex requires training. Therefore, it is only logical for people to start competing in this domain as well,” said Bratych.

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