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Egungun festival: Why Olubadan stopped festival midway

The ongoing annual Egungun festival in Oyo state has been suspended by the Olubadan of Ibadanland, Oba Lekan Balogun, on Sunday.

The order was given due to the violence that has attended the festival; as cases of arson, looting of shops and various kinds of robbery and violence had been reported since it’s commencement.

In a statement issued on Sunday by Oladele Ogundola, the Olubadan’s Personal Assistant on Media, the mayhem were stirred by some touts who were using the cover of the Egungun festival to make trouble.

Furthermore, the traditional ruler also sent for all the leaders of masquerades, known as ‘Alaagbaa’ in Ibadan land, to an important gathering on Monday afternoon at the ancient Aliiwo palace, Agodi, in Ibadan.

He said the disturbances is unfortunate and an insult to his palace because he had earlier warned against violence during the celebration of the festival.

“As if the warning was just a blabbing, the same thing was reported on Saturday on a scale that made the previous one a child’s play.

“I warned seriously against what is happening when the festival was to commence, and the assurances I got then were that nothing untoward would accompany the festival.

“But, the reports coming to me have been at variance with those assurances I earlier got from the masquerades’ leaders.

“No responsible leader would fold his arms when the majority of those subjects one superintendents over are in agony and living in perpetual fear just because of the activities of a few misguided elements who find it difficult to be law-abiding.

“This is why the suspension clause has to be invoked, and how long it lasts would be determined by the outcome of the Monday afternoon meeting,” the Olubadan said.

After the video of the violence that erupted at the Alafara area went viral on Wednesday, the Oba criticized the brutally.

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