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Fresh Anthrax disease outbreak: ‘Stop eating pomo, bush meat’- cautions FG

Due to the recent outbreak of the disease, Anthrax in some neighbouring west – African countries, the Federal Government, through the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has called on the general public to shun the consumption of bush meat, smoked meat and hide better known as Pomo

In a statement released to newsmen on Monday and signed by its Permanent Secretary, Ernest Afolabi Umakhihe, the contagious bacterial disease has killed both humans and animals likewise in the following African countries: Ghana, Togo and Burkina Faso.

Umakhihe stressed that the disease which is normally found in soil, affects both domestic and wild animals and can easily be transferred to humans through inhaling or consumption of already contaminated animal products.

However, infection can be noticed through the exhibition of flu- like symptoms such as cough, fever and muscle ache. This can develop to other dangerous illnesses like pneumonia, severe lung problems, breathing difficulties, shock, and death, if not diagnosed and treated early.

Nevertheless, the disease can be attacked with doses of antibiotic and supportive treatments.

The Ministry went further to caution the public, asking that they should not be alarmed as its already formed committee on the control of the disease has been rekindled and everything possible will be done to control its spread.

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