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How 13 Ghanaian drivers completed epic road trip from Accra to London

More social media users have been reacting to the group of 13 Ghanaians who arrived London on Saturday, August 6, after driving for 16 days from Accra, Ghana.

The group, which consisted of twelve men and one woman, set out on their journey on July 20, and traveled through 11 countries along the way.

The drivers said that they were inspired to undertake the journey by stories of people who had driven from Europe to Ghana. They said that they wanted to show that it was possible to make the journey from Africa to Europe by car, and that they wanted to promote tourism in Ghana.

The travellers included: Kwabena Peprah, Saka, Fred Papa Kwofie, Richard, Kwame Peprah, Kofi Peprah, Kwadwo Prakah-Asante, Franklin Peters and his son, Quincy, Joseph, Cyprian Ed, Kwabena Ayirebi and his brother Kojo and the only female, Serwa the Shecanic.

The group drove a fleet of five vehicles, including a Lexus RX, a Ford Raptor, a Mercedes-Benz G-Class, and two Toyota Land Cruisers. They said that they encountered a number of challenges along the way, including breakdowns, bad weather, and border crossings. However, they said that they were determined to complete their journey.

The group arrived in London to a warm welcome from Ghanaians living in the city. They were greeted by a crowd of people, and they were presented with a plaque from the Ghanaian High Commission.

The drivers said that they were proud to have completed their journey, and they said that they hoped to inspire others to undertake similar adventures.

“We are very happy to be here in London,” said driver Kwame Appiah. “We have accomplished something great, and we hope that this will inspire others to dream big and achieve their goals.”

The group’s journey has been well-received by Ghanaians on social media. Many people have praised the drivers for their courage and determination.

“This is an incredible achievement,” said one Twitter user. “These drivers have shown the world that anything is possible.”

Another Twitter user said: “This is a proud moment for Ghana. I am so inspired by these drivers.”

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