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Mechanic caught in adultery kills wife during confrontation

Oluwole Okewola, a mechanic by profession, has been arrested by Police in Ogun state for allegedly killing his wife, because she confronted him after she caught him committing adultery at their matrimonial home, located at Owode area of Sango-Ota, Ogun state.

Oluwole allegedly killed his 33-year-old wife named Rofiat Okewola on August 6, by angrily hitting her head against the wall of their residence when she caught him red handed with another woman on their matrimonial bed.

An eyewitness who refused to be named while narrating what transpired on that day said the deceased who is a tailor by profession was in her shop that Sunday when an informant brought information that her husband had sneaked a strange lady into their matrimonial home.

She said the deceased, who is a mother of two, hurried out of her shop located in Bosun Adeyemi Street in the Adalemo area of Lagos State and rushed home to confront her husband and the strange woman and met her untimely death.

She said: “On getting home, Rofiat caught her husband and his lover red handed on their matrimonial bed.

“She immediately confronted them and her husband’s lover quickly escaped while and her husband dragged her outside and angrily smashed her head against the wall, at the back of the building.”

A friend of the deceased named Biola while describing the suspect as hot tempered revealed the deceased has been enduring domestic violence, as this was not the first time the deceased husband was beating her.

Biola said: “Rofiat was the chief whip of the tailors association in this community. She was also in charge of the preparation for a party that was to be held by the association. I was to accompany her to the market to purchase some items needed for the party last week.

“I spoke with her on the phone on the day of the incident around 12 noon.

“Surprisingly, I was at a party when the chairperson of the tailors association at Adalemo broke the news of her death to me on the phone.

“I rushed to the scene with another mutual friend of ours and met her lifeless body on the ground.

“Her husband is hot-tempered. She (Rofiat) used to hide her domestic travails from me.

“However, there was a day I stumbled on a footage on her mobile phone showing her badly brutalised body as a result of the beating meted out to her by her husband, while I wanted to view some trending fashion styles but she only described it as a long story.

“Rofiat had two children with her husband. They are aged seven and six respectively.”

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