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Police call for the arrest of popular Skit maker, Trinity Guy

The call for the arrest of popular skit maker, Trinity Guy has been on for a while over his often extreme and sometimes irritating and annoying pranks on unsuspecting Nigerians.

Luckily, on Tuesday, their prayers were answered in the form of a call made by the Police Public Relations Officer, Olumuyiwa Adejobi for the arrest of the extreme prankster.

He made this call after reviewing a now viral video where Trinity Guy who is based in Ibadan, Oyo state had put the lives of ignorant victim’s at stake, over his quest to get more views and clicks.

The PPRO reacted thus: “This doesn’t make any sense. I think the guy should have been arrested.

“Those individuals who feel the heat and fear of the pranks should be reporting the pranksters as many of their pranks are criminal, immoral, and evil. These women have a good case against him,” he wrote.

Only days ago, CSP Adejobi had warned skit makers across the country to tone down on their pranks and think twice before putting the lives of Nigerians in danger in the name of pranking them.

Victims who have felt threatened in the past or otherwise from any prankster have been advised to report to the nearest police station.

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