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Wike opens up on almost losing life from poisoning at PDP Secretariat

Rivers State ex-governor, Nyesom Wike, on Sunday, narrated that he was poisoned at the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) secretariat in 2018.

Wike claimed that the poison damaged his liver and kidneys and that, it didn’t become fatal because God intervened.

He shared this at a special Thanksgiving ceremony his family hosted at the St. Peters Deanery, Rumuepirikom, Obio-Akpor, Rivers State.

The former governor claimed that during the night, he was transported to Beirut, where medical professionals informed him that his liver and kidneys had failed.

However, after treatment, doctors reportedly told him that his organs were once again functioning.

He claimed that the doctors discharged him to go home after about a week, adding that he had changed his plans while running for reelection.

Wike noted that he considered everyone a suspect after he made the decision to never visit any party leader’s house while running for office.

Describing the incident, he said everyone who was aware of how he became governor in 2015 knew it was chaotic, but “God was in charge” and “God saw us through”.

He said many people believe that he is doing well once in office. No one is interested in learning about the issues he is having as a person.

Recounting the awful event, Wike added that it was the day that his former chief of staff was scheduled to host Thanksgiving dinner in December 2018 which he had to go. But he remained in his room every day after that Sunday.

He added that those who were there at the 2019 State Banquet on the 1st of January will recall that he remained silent that evening. He narrated that he simply sat down and asked the deputy governor to represent him because he believed it was over.

He noted, however, that he was poisoned at their party secretariat, but he was unaware of it until doctors came back and said that “my organs had started working again”.

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