10 Nollywood actors who earned the most money in 2022

The Nigerian entertainment sector continues to grow and have recurrent successes. However, special recognition needs to be given to the Nollywood sector.

Since its start, the film industry has been successful in supporting itself, and over time, it has outperformed expectations.

In this feature, here is a list of the top 10 male Nollywood actors with the highest-grossing in 2022.

However, it is essential to note that the figures presented here reflect the financial success of the films, not the earnings of the actors individually.

Starting at number 10, we have:

  1. Efa Iwara

Movie: Ile Owo
Amount: 34 million naira

The plot of “Ile Owo” centres on Busola, a woman who falls in love with a billionaire after suffering multiple heartbreaks. However, after she accepts his offer, a string of unsettling revelations points to a reality she could never have predicted. The character of Tunji Owo, who enters Busola’s life, is played by Efa Iwara.

  1. Deyemi Okanlawon

Movie: Wildflower
Amount: 41 million naira

The Wildflower, a novel by Nneka Stephanie Ojor, chronicles the lives of three women who were victims of male abuse. Rolake, 24, starts a new job as Gowon Williams’ personal assistant. However, when she goes with him on a business trip, things take an unexpected turn.
The 40-year-old Mama Olisa experiences occasionally violent behaviour from her husband. And their older daughter Adaolisa (17), who also lives in their compound with the pervert Johntana, has recently fallen under his attention.

These incidents have a ripple effect on their lives as well as the lives of other women in like circumstances, especially when Rolake decides to speak out in protest.

  1. Uzor Arukwe

Movie: The Blood Covenant
Amount: 43 million naira

Three ambitious young men who are tired of being looked down on tell their experience in “Blood Covenant.” They are drawn into blood-money rituals in their pursuit of the fast life and become lost in a world of wealth and luxury, unaware of the destruction their choice will bring about.
Their rise to power ultimately comes to an end when the police close in on them as they become more and more involved in the blood money ritual.

Jite, played by Uzor Arukwe, is the manager of his wife’s father’s company and acts as both a check and a wild card.

  1. Zubby Michael

Movie: Passport
Amount: 86 million naira

The story of Oscar and Funke, two people on opposite ends of the loneliness spectrum who are both yearning for some excitement in their life, is told in the film “Passport.”

Oscar needs the assistance of a tomboy who lives in the slums to get his passport back. He had to cooperate with her if he doesn’t want to miss a flight to a crucial job interview.

In the film, Zubby Michael plays the part of Terminator, a local government chairman who will do all in his power to prevent Kopiko (Mercy Johnson) from succeeding him and assuming control of the local government.

  1. Jim Iyke

Movie: Passport
Amount: 86 Million Naira

Oscar is a cocky, wealthy young man played by Jim Iyke, whose intended trip to the United Kingdom to visit his ailing mother is disrupted when his suitcase is stolen by a group of street kids. To find the missing suitcase, he enlists the help of his street-smart and experienced uncle (Jide Kosoko, a legend in Nollywood), as well as Kopiko, a trash-talking semi-literate played by Mercy Johnson.

Kopiko and Oscar are completely opposing personalities that hate each other. They must find a way to work together and learn one or two lessons from their shared experience.

  1. Timini Egbuson

Movies: Dinner At My Place / Hey You
Amount: 90 Million Naira

The main character of “Dinner at my Place” is Nonso, played by Timini Egbuson. Nonso is prepared to propose to his fiancée, but his romantic dinner preparations are derailed when his overly dramatic ex unexpectedly shows up.

Timini Egbuson plays Abel, a shy, bespectacled graphics artist who likes to draw, in the film “Hey You.” He joins an app, meets a lovely woman there, and develops feelings for her.

  1. Kunle Remi

Movie: Ijakumo
Amount: 104 Million Naira

In “Ijakumo,” Ashabi, the well-known pastor of a megachurch, is determined to ruin the life of Jide, her ex-lover. Sharon will assist her in carrying out her plan to exact retribution.

Jide (Kunle Remi) discovers that he is a part of a secret organisation called The Syndicate and that he is living in sin despite being the pastor of one of the most famous churches in the nation. Jide put Asabi (Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi) in a horrific predicament, and now she’s out for vengeance.

  1. Nkem Owoh

Movie: Battle On Buka Street
Amount: 291 Million Naira

The movie “Battle on Buka Street” simply portrays the normal street culture and follows a food competition as two sisters compete for supremacy. Nkem Owoh plays Maduka, the husband of Ezinne (Tina Mba) and Iya Yejide (Sola Sobowale), who have been engaged in a prolonged argument over their status as first and second wives, respectively, in the film.

  1. Odunlade Adekola

Movie: King Of Thieves
Amount: 320 Million Naira

The Kingdom of Ajeromi, which is being terrorised by a gang of thieves led by an all-powerful robber named Ageshinkole, is the setting of the novel “King of Thieves.” The kingdom, terrified by his pillaging, attempts to eliminate him through the hunters, witches, and priests, starting this action-packed tale of vengeance, valour, and glory.

The King of Ajeromi is portrayed by Odunlade Adekola.

  1. Ibrahim Chatta

Movie: King Of Thieves
Amount: 320 Million Naira

Ibrahim Chatta portrays the hunter Oguntade in the motion picture, who musters the courage to challenge and combat Ageshinkole (Femi Adebayo).

Only when Oguntade’s life is in danger due to a crime he committed and facing the fearsome King of Thieves is the only option to be released, does he become inspired to battle Ageshinkole.

  1. Femi Adebayo

Movie: King Of Thieves
Amount: 320 Million Naira

Femi Adebayo brings the terrifying criminal Ageshinkole to life in the movie “King of Thieves.”
The people who must find a means to stop Ageshinkole before he kills them all are in danger of losing their lives due to his might and infamous reputation.

  1. OC Ukeje

Amount: 328 Million Naira

When their parents are assassinated on their way home from church on New Year’s Day, twin brothers Wale (Falz) and Akin (Tobi Bakre) become orphans. The brothers find themselves on opposing sides of the law after years of struggling to survive on Lagos’s streets, with Wale joining the police and Akin joining a notorious gang of thieves.

In an effort to find Akin and his gang, Wale joins a Taskforce, which puts the brotherhood’s ties to the ultimate test.

Izra, a gang member of the bold thief, is played by OC Ukeje.

  1. Falz

Movie: Brotherhood
Amount: 328 Million Naira

In the film, Wale Adetula is portrayed by Falz. He is Akin’s identical twin brother (Tobi Bakre).

Wale joins the police force to defend the interests of all, but when he encounters his criminal twin brother, his allegiance is put to the test.

  1. Tobi Bakre
    Movies: Brotherhood / Blood Covenant
    Amount: 371 Million Naira

Tobi Bakre plays the twin brother of Wale Adetula in the tv show “Brotherhood” (Falz). He becomes a part of a gang of experienced criminals that pose a serious threat to society.

In “Blood Covenant,” he plays the part of Osiano, one of three friends who struggle through life until they run with Alexx Ekubo’s character, Obi, an old acquaintance who exposes them to money rituals.

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