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Man rapes seven-year-old girl, says ‘burukutu’ made him do it

Sadiq Ahmed, 39, has, on Tuesday, confessed to abusing a seven-year-old girl, on June 12, at Abuja Road, Yola Town, Adamawa State.

Ahmed admitted that he had defiled the young girl after consuming a local drink known as ‘burukutu’.

At the police headquarters on Tuesday, the perpetrator who has since been detained by the Adamawa State Police Command described the incident and emphasised that he committed the act while intoxicated.

He claimed that the ‘burukutu’, an alcoholic beverage made from Guinean maize (Sorghum bicolor) and millet, was the only illegal substance he had consumed, and he expressed his sincere guilt for hurting the young girl.

According to SP Suleiman Nguroje, the spokesperson for the Adamawa State Police, Sadiq Ahmed was apprehended after the victim’s father filed a complaint.

The victim’s father narrated that the suspect came to his house, gave his daughter N10, took her away, and defiled her, when he and other family members were out.

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