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Kano to rebuild demolished roundabout following uproar

Following an uproar and protest against the continued demolition of structures erected by the past administration of the Kano State Government, the Governor Abba Yusuf administration on Monday said plans has been put in motion to rebuild the unique design of the destroyed roundabout which was close to the government house in another location.

Governor Yusuf during a meeting with the architect of the Golden Jubilee structure, Kaltume Hana, said it would now be rebuilt in a more secured corner at the Naibawa Flyover at the outskirts of Kano City.

He further informed residents that the new site was carefully selected to make sure that the structure will not stand as an obstruction.

“This relocation is a testament to our commitment to preserving important cultural landmarks and promoting development in Kano state. We want to provide better projects for our citizens,” the governor said.

Furthermore, the brains behind the edifice, Kaltume Hana, thanked the governor for saving her iconic work which represents a traditional gate with a trumpet on top.

“I am immensely grateful to Governor Yusuf and the Kano state government for recognising the value of my design. It is an honour to see my work being preserved and given a new home,” Hana stated.

Recall that when the structure, leading to the Government House was demolished some weeks ago, a spokesperson for the state said amongst other reasons that it was to downside the structure for visibility purposes.

On Monday, Hisham Habib, the spokesperson to the governor in a statement said :“The Kano state government is dedicated to fostering infrastructural development while preserving the rich cultural heritage of the region. The relocation of the roundabout design is a testament to this commitment.”

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