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Subsidy: Why NLC, TUC shelved proposed nationwide strike

The planned nationwide strike, which was intended to protest the removal of fuel subsidy, has been shelved by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC).

Femi Gbajabiamila, the incoming Chief of Staff to the President, made this announcement on Monday night after a meeting between the federal government and the unions at the State House.

As per Gbajabiamila, the Federal Government, TUC and NLC will collaborate in forming a joint committee. This committee will evaluate any requests for pay increases or awards and set up a plan and schedule for their execution.

The communique signed following the meeting states, “The Federal Government, the TUC and the NLC would review the World Bank Financed Cash transfer scheme and propose inclusion of low-income earners in the programme.”

The unions had earlier announced their plan to go on a nationwide strike to protest the fuel subsidy removal from Wednesday.

However, the labour unions were instructed not to go on strike by the National Industrial Court in Abuja via a ruling.

Gbajabiamila continued by saying that it was decided at the meeting to assess the problems impeding successful delivery in the education sector and to suggest solutions on how they can be addressed, emphasising that the NLC has agreed to immediately stop the notice of strike in order to facilitate additional consultations, continue negotiations, and agree on the resolutions.

The Presidents and Secretaries of both unions, and Ms Kachollom Daju, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Labour Employment were in attendance and sighed the resolution.

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