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Trust betrayed: Okadaman robbed by friends he conspired with to attack customer

Niyiseun Oluwadare, a commercial motorcyclist in Akure, the Ondo state has narrated from detention how he was duped by his accomplices after he had planned and robbed a businesswoman he had been transporting for years.

The 35-year-old father of three said that the sum of N1.2 million was snatched from the businesswoman, but his accomplices decided to give him only N20,000 – an act that angered him and pushed him to go report the robbery to the police himself.

“l reported my accomplices to the Police when they failed to pay the balance N380,000 into my account,” he said.

Oluwadare told the police that he had known the businesswoman for about one and a half years and that she always paid him well for his services. He said that he had been planning to rob her for some time, but he was afraid to do it alone. So, he approached some of his friends who were also motorcyclists and they agreed to help him.

“I have been taking the woman to the market every five days and I knew she has huge amount of money.

“Sometimes, when she does not have time to go, she would call on me and give me money to get the items for her. She gives me N1 million to take to the market for her.

“On that fateful day, I planned with one of the boys that issues tickets along Idanre Road to carry out and attack the woman, so as to collect the N1.2 million.

“We were three in numbers, but the third person ran away. I was given only N20,000. I asked for the balance and they are yet to pay it. He gave me the money while I was with the police”, Oluwadare narrated.

The police said that the case is still under investigation and appropriate actions would be followed right after.

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