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We have only two tribes in Nigeria – Charly Boy agrees

Popular celebrity, Charly Boy, has agreed that there are only two tribes in the country; the politicians and the people.

In a tweet written by Doris Udensi, which Charly Boy shared, she said that regardless of their religious or ethnic backgrounds, both groups experience the effects of corruption, insecurity, and poverty.

Udensi notes that while the masses endure the consequences of economic hardships, the political class indulges in the misappropriation of public funds and unjustifiably raises their salaries by 114%.

The tweet claims that an average Nigerian is significantly overwhelmed by fuel subsidy removal, higher electricity bills, rising petrol prices, and increasing school tuition.

While the political elite continues to lead a life apart from the realities of everyday people, the constant depreciation of the Naira exacerbates the financial difficulties encountered by the majority of people.

Expressing her worries, Udensi said that although the political elite live a luxurious life at the expense of Nigerians, they are being forced to suffer the consequences of these realities.

However, by re-posting Udensi’s tweets, Charly Boy intends to spread the word and highlight the glaring discrepancies in Nigeria.

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