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Dog meat delicacy: Hilda Baci faces backlash as video goes viral

When Chef Hilda Baci and her socialite friend, Enioluwa released a now trending video showcasing seven delicacies from her Akwa-Ibom people, they might have thought nothing of it. How wrong they were.

Among the dishes showcased by Baci, the Guinness World Records hopeful, was a Dog meat delicacy. For many, it must have been quite entertaining watching Enioluwa, a food enthusiast taste, rather reluctantly, Dog meat for the very first time, as Baci who made the dish, urged him on.

However, since its release, Chef Baci has received nothing other than condemnation from various quarter.

Top on that list is the President of My Dog and I organisation, who is livid. Obviously against the killings and eating of dogs, she argued that even though she and her group had supported Baci during her attempt to break the Guinness World Records for the longest cooking time, it doesn’t mean they accept the brutal killings and eating of “Man’s best friend”.

She described the act as barbaric and demanded that the video be pulled down with immediate effect. She also went further to call on all Dog lovers to take a stand and “cancel Hilda Baci”.

Other people have demanded the same action. A Twitter user
@UncleCCA tweeted; “Hilda Baci need to be very carefully. The dog meat video is a bad taste for her brand internationally. There things she needs to avoid. Dog is not seen as animals to kill and eat. It is a very sensitive video and it’s in her best interest to take it down.”

A media personality, Moji Danisa wrote the following: “This is my “Dear John” letter to Hilda Baci. Hilda, I must let you know today that my love for you has flown away like the wind.
Meat don finish for market? Of all the meat in dis world, na dog meat you dey chop? So if you see Crypto now, you go chop am? To whom it may consign, me and Hilda are over! 🥲😜”.

Meanwhile, some other Dog lovers have either released statements or videos, condemning Baci and Enioluwa’s action.

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