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How big brother beat, beheaded his little brother in Adamawa

It is every family’s nightmare – one that unfortunately came to pass.

24-year-old Christopher Amos, who suffers from Epilepsy has allegedly physically assaulted his four-year-old brother, Thyson and beheaded him in Adamawa.

According to the Police in the state, Christopher attacked his younger brother on Monday, beat him severely until he gave up the ghost. He then went ahead to shockingly sever the head of the young child from his body.

A source who spoke on the incident on Wednesday said: “Amos had a seizure outside and slumped on the 18th June 2023, and was brought back home by neighbours.

“His health condition deteriorated with a complete change in his behaviour the following morning when he violently attacked his mother and younger brothers who were at home with him.

“He grabbed the four-year-old boy and dragged him into a room where he locked up the door from inside and beat him up to death. All effort to rescue the small boy by his mother was fruitless.

“He carried the dead body outside where he used the hoe in his possession and cut off the head,” the eyewitness narrated.

Suleiman Nguroje, the Adamawa state Police Command Spokesperson who confirmed the incident informed that the young man who is obviously unaware of his surroundings or what crime he had committed, keeps insisting that he had done nothing wrong that his little brother is at home alive and well.

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