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How ‘Happie Boys’ lived large in Cyprus, failed in exams – sources reveal

It’s probably no longer news that the duo of Matthew Precious Kelechi and Amakor Johnson otherwise known as ‘Happie Boys’ have been at loggerheads with their benefactor, Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere of Omega Power Ministries.

The boys whom had come into limelight sometime in 2022 when as security guards at a popular eatery in Aba, Abia state, were caught dancing during work hours and got sacked. They were subsequently sent to Cyprus to further their education by the clergyman.

However, not a few people were surprised a few days ago when they came out on social media to claim that they have been abandoned financially by the apostle and had no choice but to withdraw from school over unpaid fees.

While responding to the backlash, the revelation by the boys attracted, Apostle Chinyere on a phone call to the them ( which was obviously recorded) laid curses on them- an action many condemned.

Notwithstanding, on Thursday morning, a source in the know revealed that the ‘Happie Boys’ might not just be telling the whole truth as they have been living large in Cyprus and even failed six out of their seven courses in school. The source added that the apostle had offered them other educational choices in Africa but they turned the offers down.

“I just spoke to the OPM pastor and he said that when dollar went up, things became difficult and he couldn’t sustain them, he adviced them to return to a Nigerian university or he sends them to Ghana or Benin Republic to continue their education. The burden became too much to bear but they didn’t understand nor listen”, a close source to Apostle Chinyere revealed.

Another source close to the boys had more to say. Hear him: “They post all this smoking and drinking on social media, they even smoke and drink in church during service you can imagine. They carry different girls to the apartment he rented for them they even turned the apartment into a club house because there is never a time they don’t party.

“They lived a flamboyant life with the money he gives them, buys expensive clothes and shoes just to show off. He even looked out for job for them so they could be comfortable and at least help their families back home.

“They where never serious with their academics, they had so many reports. A man that’s not related to you paid your flight ticket from Nigeria to Cyprus, paid rent, utility bills, water bills for six consecutive months. Their grades in school is not encouraging at all.

“How can someone fail 6 courses out of 7 for school fees that is over how many million. They smoke and drink to the open knowing fully aware that they’re sponsored through church, our G.O Warned them on several occasions but they kept deaf ears to his warnings”, the eyewitness who prefers anonymity disclosed.

The Happie Boys are still in Cyprus and hoping that help will come their way soon. If the apostle is still going to change his mind and continue with his benevolent action towards them, it is left to be seen.

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