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Portable defeats Charles Okocha in celebrity boxing bout

Street-pop musician Habeeb Badmus, publicly known as Portable, was declared winner of the celebrity boxing fight against popular Nollywood actor, Charles Okocha, in the early hours of Wednesday.

The fight, which was organised by Heritage Boxing Entertainment was held at Landmark Beach, Oniru, near Victoria Island, Lagos State, started after 1am and lasted about 40 minutes.

The pair had finally settled their scores with their fists after Portable alleged contractual issues, which led them to engage in an online feud over an alleged N40m pay-off.

Portable claimed Okocha cheated him out of the money, only sending him ₦5 million, contrary to an alleged contractual agreement.

In Round One, Portable took the lead early with a confident start.

He was adorning a blue pair of knickers and a blue armless top to match.

He also took full control of the ring and looked to find his range from several jabs to the body of Okocha, who was wearing a red top and red shorts.

In Round Two, Okocha was back in the game as he had been avoiding blows from Portable, and everything seemed to be in his favour.

Okocha gained more ground than Portable had in the entire bout, and he was not giving up on amassing more points despite being in the pole position to win.

His jabs floored Portable, and the referee had to come in between them.

In Round Three, Portable was running around the ring to see if he could bounce back into the game and Okocha was following him around.

Portable seized some opportunities to retaliate the blows that were descending on him from the round two fight.

In Round Four, the two celebrity boxers were tired, but Portable was still throwing some direct punches, which caught Okocha unaware.

Meanwhile, when the referee called for Round Five to decide the winner, both of them declined to continue and this led to the eventual announcement of Portable as the winner.

Although Portable did not win through TKO, KO, or even by points recorded, with his victory, he clinched the belt. It is left to be seen if there will be a return match.

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