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Eniola Badmus is a pimp – lady slams actress | Video

A video is currently trending on social media in which a lady is accusing Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus of connecting young girls to big politicians all over Nigeria.

The lady, who has not been identified, claims that Badmus has been doing this for years and that she has personally seen her with some of the girls.

The lady says that Badmus often targets young girls who are struggling financially and promises them that she can help them get ahead in life. She then takes them to meet with politicians who are willing to pay for their services.

The lady also claims that Badmus has been involved in some shady dealings, such as drug trafficking and human trafficking. She says that she has seen Badmus with drugs and that she knows that she has been involved in the trafficking of young girls.

Badmus has not yet responded to the allegations. However, her lawyer has released a statement denying the claims. The lawyer says that the allegations are “false and defamatory” and that Badmus will be taking legal action against the lady who made them.

The video of the allegations has been viewed millions of times and has sparked a lot of discussion on social media. Some people believe the allegations, while others believe that they are false.

It remains to be seen whether Badmus will be able to clear her name.

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