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Lagos cracks down on nightclubs allowing drugs, firearms

In a bid to maintain safety and security, the Lagos State government has announced its intention to shut down nightclubs that are caught allowing the use of drugs and firearms

The Lagos State Safety Commission (LSSCOM) revealed this after it expressed concern over the increasing prevalence of drugs and firearms in nightclubs across the state.

While speaking with Nightclub owners recently in the state, Lanre Mojila, Director-General (DG) of the Commission, said it would be collaborating with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) and the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) to carryout the operation.

He further lamented that the state government has a zero-tolerance policy towards these illegal activities and is determined to take decisive action, as the use of drugs and firearms in nightclubs poses a significant risk to public safety and can lead to violence and criminal activities.

He said: “The purpose of the meeting is to address certain concerns that have come to the attention of the commission.

“Lots of night clubs’ frontages have been turned to drug outlets, you need to address that, night clubs need to have lots of signages on designated areas for smoking. The issue of underaged persons in nightclubs should also be addressed.”

He further advised nightclub owners to respect the laws of the state as the government would not hesitate to prosecute any club that goes against its directives.

In his submission, the staff officer in charge of operations, Lagos State Command of NDLEA, Superintendent of Narcotics, Maijama’a Abdullahi, said that the situation is so bad as drugs are freely used in clubs according to his investigation.

“Drug dealers stick around the clubs. They stick outside the clubs and sell drugs. Some of those selling drugs are friends with the bouncers. We need the help of club owners, it is getting out of hand,” Abdullahi said.

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