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Lawyer: NPF trying to intimidate Cute Abiola with police uniform law

Following the recent threat by the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) to arrest comedian, Abdulgafar Abiola, popularly known as Cute Abiola for wearing the security agency uniform in his recent skits that has gone viral online, human rights lawyer, Inibehe Effiong, (Cute Abiola’s Lawyer) has said that using a police uniform for a skit is not illegal. He said that the NPF is only trying to intimidate the comedian.

On Thursday, the Force Public Relations Officer, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, had stated on Twitter that the comedian would be prosecuted for going against the provisions of the law “with regards to the use of uniforms”.

But the Lawyer disagreed by saying “entertainers use military and police uniforms globally for their art and craft”.

He went further: “Using ‘police uniform’ in a skit for the purpose of entertainment cannot by itself bring contempt on that uniform. In any event, if what’s demonstrated in the skit is a true reflection of what the police is known for, you will have a hard time proving this case”, the lawyer informed. He revealed that his client is ready to provide over 1000 Nigeria witnesses to testify that they have been victims of police harassments as the skit depicted.

Notwithstanding, he adviced the police to focus its energy on cubbing crime instead of throwing threats at his client.

“Rather than dissipate your energy trying to fight skit makers for depicting the police in a way you’re not comfortable with, you should use that energy to curtail the menace, lawlessness and wanton corruption of policemen whose endless abuse of power is what has actually brought the uniform and the Force into contempt.

“By the way, you will have to define what constitutes a “police uniform” as provided for by law, and also prove beyond reasonable doubt that what Cute Abiola wore in the skit is a police uniform. It is not as simple as ABC. Law is not a joke. Criminal Litigation is not skit,” he said.

So far, the NPF has not responded to the lawyer.

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