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In bid to commit suicide, POS operator drinks local insecticide over ₦1.7 million debt

Umar Usman, a POS operator in Yola, Adamawa state almost committed suicide on Monday by ingesting a locally produced insecticide over a N1.7 million debt he owed.

Umar, a native of Yola South LGA, tried to kill himself by drinking Otapiapia, a local insecticide, at Yola’s Upper Area Court I after his friend, Mustapha Baraya, filed an indictment against him, Umar, regarding the money.

His friend from the same neighborhood sued him on February 13 of this year, alleging “criminal misappropriation and breach of trust.”

According to the case’s history, Umar was given N1.9 million by Baraya to run a POS business, but he “misappropriated the money” and only paid back the sum of N150,000.

The plaintiff tried unsuccessfully to retrieve the outstanding balance of N1.760 million balance but Umar and his father continued to deceive him even after the court rendered its judgment.

During the course of the case, the court had given Umar a month to return the money, but he had failed to do so.

He and his father claimed to have a rice farm that was ready to be harvested and that they would repay the money afterward in court, but they secretly harvested the crop without paying Baraya back.

The court then ruled that Umar’s father-gifted home should be given off.

However, Usman carried a bottle of Otapiapia to court on Monday during its session and entered the chamber of the judge, Hon. Shehu Mustapha, where he emptied the fluid into his mouth because he was not satisfied with the order.

He immediately collapsed, started throwing up, went unconscious, and was taken to the hospital.

The incident is still awaiting an official comment from the police.

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